Coronavirus Policies

  1. Staggered start and end times to avoid contact with others
  2. Tell us what you need when booking and it will be ready and disinfected for you in the room
  3. Disposable mic covers provided must be used on our mics 
  4. Please bring your own mics and XLRs if possible
  5. Hand sanitisers will be available in each room and exits
  6. A one way system is in place to ensure social distancing
  7. There will be a thorough clean between each rehearsal
  8. Please stay in your car or wait outside until your start time
  9. There will be a cap at 5 people per room
  10. Try and use card where possible.
  11. Please use the QR code at the door for NHS track and trace

Safety is the most important thing to us so we may close again if we feel it is not safe to stay open.