Store your gear at Sort in one of our secure cages from only £75 per month


Store your gear at Sort in one of our secure cages. Free up much needed space at home and stop lugging gear to and from rehearsals. 

Loading out after gigs is a doddle when all your equipment is going to one place and all our cages have 24 hour access (with notice). You can drive right down to our back doors for a flat load in. Your backs will thank you for it.


For £150 a month you get your very own storage cage, 4 hours a month free rehearsal, and 20% off our hourly rate on top. Our cages are 1.5m x 2m x 2.4m so there’s plenty of space for all of your backline.

For £75 a month you can share half a cage with 2 hours a month free rehearsal and 10% off our hourly rate. 

To make things easy we’ll be happy to move your gear from your cage into your rehearsal room before you arrive if you want us to.